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Access to Baxa's Property

Deborah Baxa is requesting access and easement to her property from Holy Angels, via River Run Road.  There is no alternative access which is affordable or practical.  Baxa hopes to build the future Camelot Meadows Event Venue on her property, which will leave a very small footprint.  The remaining 33 acres will then be protected and preserved green space for the community.  This project will not adversely affect Holy Angels, the residents who live nearby, or Camp Hope. Baxa is requested some type of direct communication and meeting with Holy Angels leadership to work through any concerns they may have, so they may partner on this project as a win-win for the community.  As part of this request, Baxa has offered Holy Angels a substantial amount of money, road maintenance, security measures, waterfront access, and use of the future venue for fundraising. Please watch the video below for more information and sign our petition.


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