Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I tour your venue? 

A: Please contact us to schedule a private tour:

704-277-6275 or

Q: What is the venue guest capacity? 

A: We can comfortably seat 225 guests inside, & many more outside

(details upon request).

Q: What is the rental rate and what does it include?

A: Please see our Pricing page for complete pricing and included items.

Q: If we plan to have our ceremony offsite, or only plan to

have our reception at Camelot Meadows, does the fee change? 

A: No, our fee structure remains the same. 

Q: What forms of payment does Camelot Meadows accept? 

A: We accept credit card, personal check, money order, cashier's check, Venmo, cash, and ACH payments. 

Q: Is there a deposit? When are the additional payments due? 

A: Yes, we do require an initial deposit of 50% to ensure your date is secured. The remaining balance is due on the 1st of the month prior to your event. This applies to both the venue rental and our overnight accommodations. We also require a credit card to be held on file and a refundable damage deposit of $520, less a $20 administrative fee, that is due on the 1st of the month prior to your event. If no damage occurs, this will be refunded within 14 days following your event.

Q: Do I need an event coordinator? 

A: We do require, at minimum, a "Day of" Coordinator. You can choose your own, or we can put you in touch with our Preferred Event Coordinators who are familiar with our venue & very reasonably priced. 

Q: What is your cancellation policy? 

A: We understand that adjustments or cancellations may be necessary. Our contract contains details and information regarding moving or cancelling a date. 

Q: How far in advance should we reserve a date for our event?

A: Some events are booked well in advance (12-18 months is a general rule). We realize that unanticipated venue needs may arise though and will work to accommodate you based on availability

Q: Do you have caterers and bar service that we have to utilize? 

A: You can choose whomever you want for catering and bar service. The proper licenses and permit must be in place and we will guide you regarding what is needed.

If you choose to have a friend or family as your food preparer and/or caterer, you must hire/have a full wait staff to set up buffet tables, table settings, bus tables, take trash to dumpster, etc. They will need to take on the role of a traditional caterer. Please keep in mind that our kitchen is a prep area only. We do not have heated storage or stoves, so food would need to be cooked/prepared off site and brought to the venue. The prep kitchen must be left as it was found.  

Q: What is your alcohol policy? 

A: You have two options for the serving of alcoholic beverages at your event. The first is to have the alcoholic beverages purchased from and served through a catering service licensed in North Carolina to sell and serve alcoholic beverages. The catering service or its agents must provide all alcoholic beverages consumed in accordance with the laws and regulations of the State of North Carolina. 

The second option is for you to apply for a Limited Special Occasion Permit. This permit allows you to bring fortified wine and spirituous liquor into our venue, with our permission. We can provide a copy of this permit for your convenience. 

If you decide to apply for the Limited Special Occasion Permit, and are having a friend or family member serve alcohol, they will need to set up, maintain the bar with ice, napkins, provide and refill their own cooler, take out trash, etc. They must also stay through the entire event and leave the bar as they found it. Please also remember to have bottled water available for your guests; this is one of the top requests from guests!

Q: Do you have a list of preferred caterers? 

A: We can assist you in recommending caterers based upon your preferences and budget. Caterer's must be licensed and insured in the State of North Carolina. Any caterer who has not previously worked at our property is asked to meet with us at least one month prior to your event date. 

Q: Whats is Special Event Liability Insurance and why do I need it? (required) 

A: SpecialEvent Liability Insurance is an insurance policy that helps protect your investment in a specific event, such as a wedding. Event Insurance may help cover your costs if you unexpectedly need to cancel your event or if you're found responsible for property damage or an injury caused during the event. This policy also covers any food illnesses that may occur when you bring in outside food.

Q: What is Host Liquor Liability Insurance and why do I need it? 

A: This is required if you are serving alcoholic beverages. Host Liquor Liability Insurance covers claims related to a a guest at a social event who drinks too much alcohol, then causes property damage or bodily injury to themselves or others as a result of intoxication.  Ask your insurance agent about combining both of these policies together. Together these policies range around $150, but varies based upon the number of guests.

Q: How close are you located to the airport? 

A: The Charlotte Douglas International Airport is an approximate 22 minute drive from our venue. 

Q: Does your event location have overnight accommodations? 

A: We are proud to offer a River Retreat lakefront cabin and also a Tiny House. You can view additional information here

We also have relationships with four local hotels, which are within 15 minutes of our venue. Some offer shuttles and other perks. We can assist you in providing this information. 

Q: How many cars will your parking lot accommodate? 

A: Up to 150, plus space for buses and shuttles.  

Q: Is your venue climate controlled? 

A: Yes, events can be scheduled year round in our event barn. 

Q: Do you have dressing rooms? 

A: Yes, we have two beautiful and comfortable private suites with their own temperature controls. 

Q: What happens in case of rain? 

A: We will advise your Event Coordinator on how to plan to "flip" the indoor space for both a ceremony and reception (as needed).

Q: What time will I have access to the venue to decorate and are there any restrictions

A: You will have access to the venue at the time listed on the contract, not earlier. Please plan accordingly. We do have an option to rent extra hours, providing the venue is available. 

We do not allow open flames of any kind in the barn. Staples and other penetrating items may be used to secure decorations on our wood surfaces only with our express permission. Rice, confetti, birdseed, glitter, pyrotechnics, smoke machines, and sparklers are not permitted. 

Q: Who is in charge of clean up? 

A: Our contract will define your clean up responsibilities, as well as that of your caterer, bartender, etc. 

Q: May we take photos on the property? 

A: Yes! We encourage you to take memorable photos of your special day/event with us. Please consult with us if you are interested in a photo session prior to your event. 

Planning Questions


Q: How will the tables, chairs, etc be arranged for my sized event? 

A: We have many options for your table layout. Your Event Coordinator will assist you with this. 

Q: Do you provide table linens, cups, silverware, etc. ?

A: No, but Camelot Meadows provides an awesome venue, tables, and chairs. Please contact Creative Solutions in Belmont, NC for any extra rental needs, including linens. Your Event Coordinator can also assist you with other options. 

Q: What time do you suggest we start the wedding ceremony? 

A: We suggest starting Friday weddings at 4:00pm, Saturday weddings between 3:00 and 4:00pm, and Sunday weddings at 3:00pm. 

Q: When can I have my wedding rehearsal? 

A: We will work with your Event Coordinator to schedule a rehearsal time. A free one hour rehearsal time is included in your rental fee. 

Q: Can vehicles be left overnight? 

A: No vehicles can be left overnight. Please advise your guests of this policy. We appreciate your understanding

Q: What time does the music need to end? 

A: Music for Friday events need to end by 9:30pm, by 10:30pm for Saturday events, and by 8:30pm for Sunday events. Please ensure that you, all of your items, and that all of your vendors have cleaned up and are ready to leave. 

Q: What are the options for outside locations to get married on the property? 

A: Depending on guest count, we can offer a few different options, including our magical bamboo forest! 

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